Tallahassee Song


Florida weather
Heatin’ up the dog park
Fashion climate
Makin’ them dogs bark

Tallahassee you been good to me
But I been thinkin’ it’s time to go

I been dreamin’ of tradin’ your purple skies
For the open road

Don’t get me wrong
I wanna press the plums
But there ain’t enough jam
For this coke and rum

And Brooke is drinking for everyone
She’s tryin’ ta keep the party fun

Conservative notions are constantly telling us
that we cannot be bringing our beat
but if you don’t like our beat you know we take to the street
You know we take to the street

Too many cooks will spoil the broth,
especially if you’ve got beef
But if you got beef don’t put that in my stew.

Don’t put that beef in my stew.